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FM Industry Wants to Recruit More Veterans

Because only 15% of the facilities management workforce comprises military veterans, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) hosted a webinar called “Veterans in Facility Management: Unlocking New Talent” on March 26 to cover a new study and encourage more veterans to enter the field. About the Study The event focused on presenting and interpreting the […]

IFMA Issues Statement on AI and Facilities Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic among every industry. For example, the tech dominated the security industry’s recently released 2024 megatrends. And the case is no different in facilities management (FM), with industry insiders citing AI as one of the top opportunities for the year ahead. Nonetheless, studies have shown most people worry about […]

How to Develop a Customer Service Culture in Your Facilities Management Company

What makes quality customer service so important? Let’s find the answer in the numbers: 94% of customers will want to make another purchase if they enjoy a good customer service experience; 60% of business leaders say there is a strong link between high-quality customer service and improved customer retention; and 88% of customers feel the […]

Managing VOCs and Odors in Commercial Workspaces

Facilities managers know the importance of maintaining proper indoor air quality (IAQ). As far as critical issues go, air quality, ventilation, and the prevention of pollutants are up there, as they pose a severe health risk to workers, not to mention productivity and efficiency. One of the most prevalent indoor air contaminants is volatile organic […]