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Time to Update? Tech Office Spaces in the Hybrid Work Era

North American tech companies, once the vanguard of workplace innovation, are still catching up to new work patterns. With average peak utilization not exceeding 34% in tech offices, up to $40 million in rent costs are wasted annually on underused space. That’s according to a new report from international design practice Hassell and workplace analytics company Density. The State […]

How Melanopic Lighting Can Enhance Health and Well-Being

Light plays a critical role in our ability to see via day and night vision. But just as important, nonvisual receptors in the eye regulate our internal body clock, sleep patterns, and overall well-being. Traditional lighting design primarily focuses on visual comfort, ambiance, and task illumination. However, recent scientific studies and technological advancements have introduced […]

Optimizing Restroom Maintenance: Hygiene and Efficiency Strategies

Restroom experiences can significantly influence the perception of a business or commercial facility. Think of a time you may have encountered an out-of-order toilet, messy sink, or empty soap or paper towel dispensers, and how that created a negative experience, or left a lasting impression of neglect or poor management. Poorly kept restrooms can undermine […]

How FCA Designed Its New Philadelphia HQ for Employee Wellness

The pandemic forced us to focus on the health and well-being of our bodies. Now as we look ahead to the future of work, the same focus should also be placed on our environments. While it is an individual pursuit, wellness is significantly influenced by our physical, social, and cultural environments. The Global Wellness Institute […]

Top Tips to Prepare Your Business for the 2024 Hurricane Season

As June 1 marked the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season, businesses must revisit and reinforce their storm preparedness strategies. The looming threat of severe weather calls for thorough planning to mitigate potential disruptions. Forecasters at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) anticipate an “above normal” hurricane season, projecting up to 25 named storms, 13 of […]

Is Your Company Equipment Impacting Employee Turnover Rates?

Equipment is an important factor in keeping your business operating smoothly and plays a key role in the satisfaction of employees. Here, we’ll cover how equipment can become obsolete and eventually result in higher-than-usual staff turnover. How Failing or Out-of-Date Equipment Comes About Well-maintained equipment will last longer and operate more smoothly, but there are […]

What Are Your Safety Signs Trying to Tell You?

June is National Safety Month, making this the perfect time for facilities managers to better understand safety signs. We’re talking about those signs, also known as “warning” or “hazard” signs, placed on floors to warn people to be careful that there may be a hazard ahead. These signs are typically placed when floor maintenance is […]

AI Empowering FM: Conquering Challenges with Innovation and Collaboration

Artificial intelligence (AI), particularly generative AI (GenAI), is quickly and quietly revolutionizing facilities management. More and more, facilities managers are harnessing AI for rapid, informed building operations decisions and leveraging GenAI to boost operational efficiency. Rooted in automation, AI’s potential to save thousands of working hours across an entire workforce has mass appeal, helping to […]

Reimagining Outdoor Spaces at Your Facilities

Most of us want to spend more time outside as the weather gets warmer. When it comes to facilities, facilities managers can maximize their outdoor spaces by working with their employers, other departments, and outside contractors to tailor unique solutions to their business. This, in turn, could encourage more employees to return to the office […]

Tackling Humidity Challenges in Coastal Schools

Humidity poses significant challenges to communities situated along coastal regions where the influence of moisture-laden air from lakes and oceans is pronounced. Humidity levels are exacerbated in those regions once the warmer temperatures arrive in late spring and summer. For schools, these high humidity levels can pose significant challenges. The School of Public Health at […]