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IFMA Issues Statement on AI and Facilities Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic among every industry. For example, the tech dominated the security industry’s recently released 2024 megatrends. And the case is no different in facilities management (FM), with industry insiders citing AI as one of the top opportunities for the year ahead. Nonetheless, studies have shown most people worry about how AI may impact job security, among other concerns.

To address this hot topic, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has released the following statement on AI with respect to the FM industry and the association’s efforts to present FM professionals with “useful, well-grounded insights and resources”:

Within the FM industry, there is both interest and apprehension surrounding AI. IFMA is committed to focusing research, information, and tools on helping professionals worldwide differentiate AI hype from reality and understand how to harness AI’s enormous potential. The association will leverage its research capabilities to provide guidance on near-term practical applications of AI in facility operations; longer-term prospects for more advanced AI capabilities; and organizational and technical prerequisites to consider for those seeking to be AI early adopters.

FM has become a data-driven industry. Basing decisions on incorrect data is far more worrisome than whether AI will take our jobs,” said Chair of IFMA’s Global Board of Directors Dean Stanberry, CFM, SFP. “FM knowledge, skill, and experience requirements have expanded. IFMA is working to identify what knowledge FMs will need to know and when, and to develop informational and educational resources to help FMs apply this new knowledge in practice.

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