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New IFMA Partnership Offers Cybersecurity Resources for Facilities

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has announced a new partnership with nonprofit organization Building Cyber Security (BCS) to offer IFMA members resources, training, and tools to mitigate cyber risk in facility operations.

As buildings become smarter and more connected, the risk grows that a cyberattack to building systems can result in the shutdown of a facility, threatening occupant safety and property damage and leading to tenant claims for business disruption. Through this partnership, IFMA members now have access to leading industry standards and capabilities designed specifically for the protection of tenants and facilities in the commercial real estate ecosystem.

“Integrating physical and cybersecurity procedures has risen in criticality,” said IFMA President and CEO Don Gilpin. “Whether leading or supporting these efforts, facility management professionals are integral to ensuring the safety of people and organizational assets. By partnering with Building Cyber Security, we can provide crucial information and upskilling on cybersecurity technology, processes, and BCS’ cyber-physical framework to our members.”

BCS CEO Lucian Niemeyer added, “We are thrilled to partner with IFMA to share our expertise and services with facility managers globally. As the voice of the FM industry, IFMA is an influential partner in advancing cyber-physical security and safety in an increasingly connected world. Together, we can offer FMs the knowledge and tools to address cyber risk and make life- and asset-saving decisions.”

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