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Back to Basics: Workplace Heat Safety for Facilities

Back to Basics is an article series that highlights important but possibly overlooked information facilities management professionals should know.  June is National Safety Month, and in this month’s Back to Basics, we look at workplace heat safety—a major concern not only for those working outdoors but also for indoor workers in facilities with lots of heat. […]

Is Your Company Equipment Impacting Employee Turnover Rates?

Equipment is an important factor in keeping your business operating smoothly and plays a key role in the satisfaction of employees. Here, we’ll cover how equipment can become obsolete and eventually result in higher-than-usual staff turnover. How Failing or Out-of-Date Equipment Comes About Well-maintained equipment will last longer and operate more smoothly, but there are […]

Safeguarding Your Facility: The Power of Proper Humidity Control

Maintaining ideal relative humidity levels in the built environment results in substantial benefits. By prioritizing humidity control, facilities managers can create an environment that optimizes productivity, preserves assets, and ensures the well-being of all occupants. Proper humidity regulation is a crucial component of comprehensive building management, and its positive impact extends across industries and facility […]

OSHA Cites Another Amazon Fulfillment Center for Ergonomic Hazards

A federal workplace safety investigation has again found workers at an Amazon fulfillment center exposed to ergonomic hazards, this time at a facility in Logan Township, N.J. In response to a complaint, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) opened an investigation in January 2023 and found the company was exposing employees to ergonomic hazards […]

‘A Perfect Opportunity’: U.S. Warehouses Have Huge Rooftop Solar Potential

Covering the roofs of America’s warehouses and distribution centers with solar panels could generate enough clean energy to power nearly 20 million homes, according to a new report from the Environment America Research & Policy Center and Frontier Group. “If we want to create a clean energy future, we should look first to the already-built […]