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How to Find and Attract Skilled Maintenance Workers

Editor’s note: This article covers ways to hire in-house maintenance staff. For tips on how to find a third-party maintenance service provider you can trust, click here. For asset-heavy companies, achieving operational and business success is closely tied to the efficiency of their maintenance management. Furthermore, a key determinant of efficient maintenance management is that […]

Webinar Watch: How to Address the Labor Shortage with Technology

Learn about the importance of implementing technology to address the labor shortage at Facilities Management Advisor’s FREE webinar, which will explore how technology can address issues regarding skill deficits in maintenance management. Additionally, the webinar will explain how the labor shortage is hindering organizations’ effectiveness for sustainable operations. Can’t make it to the live event? […]

The Role of Smart Sensors, Cloud Tech, and Data Analytics in Facility Management

For a long time, facility management was a predominantly reactive practice. Major decisions, processes, and activities occurred after the fact. For instance, maintenance would happen reactively, or FMs would take action to remedy situations or improve processes only after they observed a problem in the facility. Doing things this way left too much room for inefficiencies. […]