Webinar Watch: How to Master Work Order Management

During Facilities Management Advisor’s FREE upcoming webinar, learn about the importance of maintenance teams using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) to manage work orders, work requests, and planned maintenance (PMs). Can’t make it to the live event? No worries! All registrants also receive a link to an on-demand recording. Wednesday, June 5, 2024 Webinar […]

Earth Day and Every Day: The Role of Maintenance in Sustainable Facilities

Since 1970, Earth Day has provided an annual reminder of our responsibility to protect the planet. Though corporate pledges and sustainability standards are more common than ever, many businesses still view going green as a daunting, costly effort. Google Cloud’s latest Sustainability Survey reflects this contradiction. Though 96% of surveyed organizations say they have at […]

What Are the Top KPIs and Challenges Facing Organizations?

To kick off the new year, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) hosted a webinar on January 18 called “Elevate FM in 2024: Reflecting Back and Looking Ahead,” during which the top 2023 key performance indicators (KPIs), the most often asked KPIs, and expected challenges for 2024 were discussed. Top KPIs in 2023 Based on […]

How to Create Easy-to-Use Preventive Maintenance Checklists

Preventive maintenance (PM) checklists are essential tools in the effective management of building maintenance and facility equipment. Their primary purpose is to methodically guide maintenance tasks, ensuring that all necessary steps are performed in a timely and consistent manner. Let’s dive straight into essential elements and best design practice to discover how to create clear […]

The Future of Facilities Management and CMMS in 2024

In 2023, facility and maintenance managers saw the emergence of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence, new environmental sustainability regulations, and higher-than-ever customer expectations. With so many conflicting priorities, it is easy for facilities professionals to feel their heads spin. In a recent survey of manufacturing and facilities management companies, maintenance professionals report a heavy focus […]

A 6-Step Guide to Create a Deferred Maintenance Strategy

Deferred maintenance, a common challenge in facilities and plant management, involves postponing necessary repairs and upkeep due to constraints like budget or resources. The delay often leads to an accumulation of tasks, exacerbating issues and inflating future costs. The significance of deferred maintenance spans across diverse organizational settings, impacting operational reliability in manufacturing plants and […]

How Facilities Managers Can Fight Rising Costs

With rising inflation, possibly confusing but smart technology solutions, and an increase in energy efficiency mandates, facilities managers are increasingly struggling with how to do more with less. At Facilities Management Advisor’s FM NOW: Smart Buildings virtual summit on November 1, Phil Zito, CEO of the Smart Buildings Academy, was the guest speaker for the […]

Is Your CMMS Truly Automated?

In today’s fast-paced world, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)/Computer Aided Facility Management (CaFM) automation has become integral to facility operations. However, not all CMMS/CaFM automation is created equal. Many facilities find themselves stuck in what we call a “superficial automation pitfall” that results in siloed and broken operation processes. This pitfall is caused when facilities […]

How to Easily Keep Track of Your Office Equipment and Inventory

Equipment and inventory are key assets for any business, and they need to be managed at all times. The terms are often used interchangeably—but, they have distinct meanings. In a nutshell, equipment refers to those fixed assets used in the office, such as computers and chairs, while inventory encompasses those assets meant for resale. That […]

How Can Facilities Managers Respond to the Labor Shortage?

The Great Resignation and the high number of workers retiring over the last several years have led to labor shortages at many workplaces across the country. While some of those positions will be filled, it’s likely those replacements won’t have the same depth of knowledge as their predecessors. To help solve this problem, facilities managers […]