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EPA Reveals 2023 Top Cities for ENERGY STAR-Certified Buildings

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced its 2023 “Top Cities” list. The latest annual ranking spotlights the cities with the greatest number of ENERGY STAR-certified commercial and multifamily buildings by the end of 2022.

Did your city make the list?

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Coming in at first place for the fourth year in a row, Los Angeles leads with nearly 750 ENERGY STAR-certified buildings. In second place is Washington, D.C., with 555 buildings, followed by Atlanta in third place with 376 buildings.

“In many cities, a majority of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions results from the energy used by buildings,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “I applaud this year’s top cities, as well as the owners and managers of each ENERGY STAR-certified building in them, for taking real action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help America address the climate crisis.”

Commercial buildings are responsible for 16% of the nation’s GHG emissions and spend more than $190 billion per year on energy. In many cities, buildings are the largest contributor of emissions—responsible for 30% to more than 70% of a city’s total emissions. ENERGY STAR-certified buildings use an average of 35% less energy and are responsible for 35% less carbon dioxide emissions than typical buildings.

First released in 2009, EPA’s list of cities with the most ENERGY STAR-certified buildings shows how buildings across America are embracing energy efficiency as a simple and effective way to save money and reduce GHG emissions.

More stats, including the 2023 ranking of top small and midsize cities, are available here.

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