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VRF System Proves Ideal for Mixed-Use Commercial Space

Housing office space, two restaurants and a hotel, the 800 North High Street Building in Columbus, Ohio exemplifies “mixed-use.” With such diverse usage, the building needed a mechanical system that could support varied comfort needs and preferences and, ideally, pose cost, maintenance and operational benefits to the building owner and management team. Enter, a Mitsubishi […]

Achieving Optimal Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) in Commercial Buildings with VRF Systems

This White Paper presents wellness and sustainability as complementary aspects of smart, marketable buildings and describes the operational, financial and productivity benefits of designing for indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Particular attention is given to how Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) zoning systems improve sustainability and IEQ components including thermal comfort, acoustic comfort and indoor air quality […]

Buying Facility Management Software: Understand Your Needs

It’s no secret that today’s facility teams are stretching resources, budgets, and personnel to the absolute maximum to stay efficient and responsive to emergencies. But what’s the most appropriate technology for on-the-go facility teams who can’t risk wasting time searching for critical documents in plan rooms or hard drives? Purchasing technology solutions for facilities management […]

How Connected Construction Helps Owners Improve the Lifecycle of their Facilities

Autodesk Construction Cloud connects owners to meaningful data at every stage of construction to reduce risk, maximize efficiency, streamline handover, and fuel future operations and planning. With projects becoming more complex—physically, commercially, environmentally, and societally—the traditional process of construction struggles to deliver acceptable outcomes. By leveraging modern technology trends offered by Autodesk, Owners are poised […]

Facility Managers’ Best Kept Secret: DroneDeploy

A Guide to How Building Services, Facility & Property Managers Can Benefit from Drone Data Because inspections illuminate potential risks and hazards to your building, you need solutions that help you drive consistency in documentation and provide in-action plans. Drones, as well as ground-based cameras and sensors, drive automation, accuracy, and efficiency, and are quickly […]

The New Corporate Health Responsibility

Access this free whitepaper to take a look at the post-pandemic employee’s renewed prioritization of health and what it means for employers as Americans return to the office.

Improving Facilities Operations With Situational Awareness

Safe, resilient facilities require strong situational awareness, the use of operational intelligence, and analytics-ready, time-stamped data to drive decision-making. By taking a systemic approach that prioritizes systems integration and targeted analytics, facilities can undergo holistic transformation, reducing risk, improving safety, and decreasing operating costs. This white paper will help facility managers gain greater literacy about […]

Bradley Handwashing Research

Survey Finds Men More Concerned About Coronavirus Than Women

Men Increase and Maintain Handwashing in Response to Pandemic MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis., (March 8, 2021) — According to a national survey, men are significantly more concerned about contracting the coronavirus than women. The Healthy Handwashing Survey™ conducted by Bradley Corporation found that 62% of men are “very concerned” about getting the virus compared to 45% […]