Trends in Workplace Collaboration: Understand The Latest Developments In Workplace Collaboration And How To Leverage Technology To Increase Workplace Efficiency, Safety And Productivity

Are You Ready To Support A More Flexible Workforce? The data is clear: the trend towards flexible work – that is, the expectation that work doesn’t need to be done in an office – is not only on the rise but also accelerating due to the seismic shift caused by the continuing pandemic. In this eBook we synthesize the trends towards flexibility and what it takes to support the rising demand for your work force.

  • How does collaboration strategy impact productivity?
  • Just how much do employees value flexibility?
  • How has COVID-19 changed collaborative work?
  • What does it take to fostering a flexible workplace without sacrificing innovation?
  • How can technology support the agile workplace? How do I know what is working?

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