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Webinar Watch: FM Compliance Week Sessions

Be sure to join us for our Facilities Management Compliance Week on Feb. 20-24, 2023! We’ll be publishing compliance-focused content, and special highlights of this year’s FREE event include a panel discussion on Monday, Feb. 20, and an educational session on Tuesday, Feb. 21.

Can’t make it to the live webinars? No worries! All registrants also receive a link to an on-demand recording.

Panel Discussion | Why Your ESG Strategy Relies on Facilities Management

Monday, Feb. 20, 2023

2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET

Sponsor: Avetta

Speakers: Steven W. Pearce, MBA, MPM, President of Pearce Sustainability Consulting Group (PSCG); and Caitlin Horsley, MBA, Senior Manager of ESG Programs at F5

Moderator: Joe Bebon, Editor, Facilities Management Advisor

The importance of environmental, social, and governance factors, also known as ESG, will be discussed. ESG strategy impacts sustainability, accessibility, and operational efficiency to business ethics.

This panel discussion aims to provide facilities managers with the keys to keep their organizations ahead of the ESG game and better understand how ESG in facilities management can build a path to success.

Specifically, the discussion will include:

  • Benefits to applying ESG into facilities management
  • Tips for making conscious maintenance decisions
  • Improving sustainability and decreasing the carbon footprint
  • Ways to extend asset life expectancy and reduce replacement costs

Educational Session | How to Improve Your Preventive Maintenance Program for Compliance

Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2023

2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET

Speaker: Ted Willing, Manager of Professional Services, TMA Systems

Sponsor: TMA Systems

The discussion will center on how preventive maintenance is important to any well-run organization.

The educational session aims to provide facilities professionals with information on how they can meet their compliance goals and how preventive maintenance can greatly reduce the total cost of ownership and extend asset life throughout its service life.

The educational session will focus on:

  • Building a preventive maintenance program/team to help with compliance
  • Ensuring your preventative maintenance programs are being effectively executed
  • Tracking the direct cost and indirect cost of compliance

More information about FM Compliance Week and FREE registration are available here. Reserve your spot now!

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