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3 Recent AI Developments Every Facilities Manager Needs to Know About

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As a facilities manager, it’s crucial to stay up to date with recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI). You are a key decision-maker responsible for reviewing standard practices and driving businesses forward, and using AI effectively is a game-changer in this industry. Not only can this innovative software allow you to boost productivity and increase efficiency throughout your organization, but it can also be used to predict problems before they arise.

Here, we will explore three recent AI developments that you need to know about:

1. Historical Analysis

One of the most incredible uses for AI is its ability to process, analyze, and organize immense amounts of historical data. In only a few minutes, AI software can understand thousands of spreadsheets, records, logs, and data—a task that would take a human hours upon hours.

By implementing this technology, you can use AI as a powerful tool to aid your decision-making. Whether it’s to optimize energy usage, resource allocation, or staffing, you can use AI to help reduce operational costs, boost sustainability, and maintain an accurate overview of your company.

2. Machine-Learning AI

Now, there is a whole category of AI known as machine-learning AI. This amazing technology is able to not only process data, but also learn from it and use it to predict future trends. It can use historical data to predict machinery failures and maintenance needs, allowing you to work proactively rather than reactively to any potential issues. 

Having these data-driven insights is key to saving money, and automating these tasks with AI will save important time and help you streamline your operational processes. Taking it a step further, you could look to add generative AI to your toolbelt for creative and innovative designs, plans, and solutions. This modern software can use predictive analytics to create new content, which you can then assess and use as a springboard for finding the most efficient step forward for your business.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

Although it’s technically been around since 1999, IoT has come a long way and is now a very effective tool that every facilities manager can benefit from. It refers to a network of sensors, devices, and software that feed data into a processing system and report real-time analytics to help manage the environment. This can help you monitor, predict, and control environmental aspects such as humidity, temperature, energy consumption, and even foot traffic.

Paired with a modern AI data-processing system, the full potential of IoT is unlocked. This powerful combo offers facilities managers the opportunity to remotely and automatically maintain optimum conditions within warehouses and factories, enhance energy efficiency, and use their time more effectively. 

Unlock the Power of AI

As you can see, utilizing the power of AI within your business strategies can be massively beneficial. These new developments work together to save you time, money, and energy while streamlining your processes and optimizing every aspect of your company’s operations. Be sure to look carefully into which AI model would best suit your needs, as they all require different levels of investment, maintenance, and set-up time.

After studying computer science at a leading U.K. university, Chris Gower has gone on to specialize in the field of AI. He now works on a consultancy basis, supporting businesses in different industries to implement the technology into their processes.

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