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5 Reasons Why Tech Skills Set You Apart as a Facilities Manager

Tech skills may not be the first attributes people think of when pondering the characteristics they need to succeed as facilities managers. However, having the knowledge and experience to interact with facilities management technology can set these professionals apart, increasing their likelihood of getting promotions or landing highly competitive roles. How and why are technological […]

Faces of Facilities: Tee McCluster from Checkers & Rally’s Restaurants

Whenever customers order tasty treats from a Checkers or Rally’s fast-food restaurant, Tee McCluster’s goal is to ensure proper facilities management helps improve the overall guest experience. McCluster is the national facilities and operations service manager of Checkers & Rally’s, a merged restaurant chain that operates under both the Checkers and Rally’s brands and specializes […]

A Call to Action: Empowering Women in Facilities Management

Editor’s note: This FM Perspectives op-ed was written in honor of Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day (March 8). Facilities management is a dynamic field crucial to the smooth operation of businesses and institutions worldwide. Yet, despite its significance, the industry remains male-dominated. A recent study found that men outnumber women nine to one in […]

The Value of Skilled Trade Certifications: A Pathway to Career Advancement and Safety

Certifications have become a cornerstone in the professional development of skilled trade workers, particularly in the fire, electrical, and life safety realms. Certification programs are designed to be comprehensive, promoting competency and safety in various specialized domains. In today’s competitive job market, the value of certifications extends far beyond a mere acknowledgment of skills; it […]

Faces of Facilities: Erna Perkins-Jones from Johnson C. Smith University

Diversity, equality, and representation are essential across all industries, including facilities management. In honor of Black History Month, Erna Perkins-Jones shares her FM success story, discusses what the annual observance means to her, and offers advice for future facility leaders, no matter their skin color. Perkins-Jones is the director of facilities at Johnson C. Smith […]