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Facilities Management Advisor’s Top 10 Stories of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we at Facilities Management Advisor would like to take a look back and highlight some of the most popular and important articles you’ve read over the past year. The Top 10 list covers the biggest FM topics of 2022 and offers insights into where the industry might be headed in 2023.

1. 3 Methods for Facility Managers to Grow Their Sustainability Efforts

For nearly all organizations, from giant corporations to small schools, going green is a red-hot topic these days. Sustainability improves the environment and boosts a company’s public image, all while saving money. (One survey even suggested eco-friendly practices are key to employees’ post-pandemic return to office.) But what can FMs do to help lead sustainability efforts? This article explores just some of the many strategies.

2. 5 Biggest Challenges Facing the Facilities Management Workforce in 2022

COVID-19 flipped the working world upside down, exacerbating long-time industry issues like attracting and retaining talent. Roles changed, people retired, and the skills gap widened, according to experts during an FM Now Virtual Summit. Unfortunately, these challenges will likely continue in 2023 and beyond—so start recruiting and training now!

3. The Cybersecurity Threats Facing Smart Buildings

Because high-tech innovations can make an FM’s job easier, so-called “smart” buildings are likely better than “dumb” buildings. However, a bigger reliance on all things digital also poses some serious cybersecurity risks to address.

4. Faces of Facilities: Alana F. Dunoff from Temple University

Our “Faces of Facilities” series offers readers a chance to hear directly from industry insiders. Whether you’re a newcomer or an FM vet, each interview provides advice, insights, and predictions that might help or inspire you. One of the year’s most popular profiles was of Alana Dunoff, a prominent instructor who has spoken at several FMA-hosted webinars and starred in our inaugural “FMA Shorts” series video. (Also check out the “Faces of Facilities: Best Quotes of 2022” list.)

5. The Most Important Functions of Facility Management

Facilities are like people; no two are the same. Each building has its own upsides and unique challenges, sometimes quirks. That said, FM pros share many similar responsibilities, regardless of where they’re stationed. This article explores core functions and how to optimize four major areas of FM: people, process, place, and technology.

6. Back to Basics: Preparing Your Facility for Hurricanes

We launched our “Back to Basics” series to highlight important, but possibly overlooked, information FMs should know. So far, we’ve covered topics ranging from ADA compliance to frozen pipes, but given that natural disasters are becoming stronger and more common, it’s no surprise that readers are particularly interested in protecting their facilities from damaging events like hurricanes and wildfires.

7. It’s the End of an Era for Plan Rooms

All workers are looking for ways to be more efficient, and that includes FMs. This article (with an anxiety-inducing pic of paper stacks) makes the case for relying less on hard-copy documents and more on space- and time-saving tech. The author writes, “While technology continues to drive facilities’ ability to keep buildings safe, comfortable, and secure, many facilities are still plagued with inaccessibility to information that’s needed to perform maintenance, construction, renovation, emergency response, and other tasks because it’s stored in paper.”

8. Best Practices to Maintain Your Commercial Roof

What makes a building a building? Well, at the very least, you need walls and a roof. Roofs are essential; they provide structural integrity and keep occupants safe and protected from the elements. Therefore, when a roof gets damaged—from a minor leak to a massive cave-in—it puts people and operations at risk. Proper maintenance is an FM’s first line of defense.

9. This Halloween, Protect Your Facilities from Energy Vampires, Creepy Crawlers, and More Scary Problems!

Who says FMs (and editors) can’t have fun? Holidays are events prime for some timely (and often pun-tastic) articles with important information. Other holiday coverage over the past year included Veteran’s Day, Earth Day, and International Women’s Day (which also marked this editor’s first foray into creating infographics).

10. New Terms to Ensure Effective Cleaning

Safety is always a top priority for FMs, so articles on dangers like mold and radon were big hits among readers this year. Because many companies and schools faced the challenges of reopening as COVID-19 lingered, though, two safety topics required constant coverage: indoor air quality (IAQ) and cleaning. As this article points out, COVID “likely changed professional cleaning forever.” To learn more about improving IAQ, check out a primer here.

Thanks to you facilities professionals for all your hard work and for your readership in 2022. If you don’t want to miss the hottest FM stories of 2023, please make sure to sign up for our FREE newsletter here. May you have a happy new year!

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