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Pennsylvania OKs $4.8M Safety and Security Training Program for All School Employees

All school employees in Pennsylvania will receive three hours of safety and security training every year, at no charge to their schools, through a new program grant approved by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD).

“Every kid deserves to be safe and feel safe, whether they’re in the classroom, on the playing field, waiting for the bus, or walking home from school,” said PCCD Chairman Lt. Gov. Austin Davis. “Once launched, this new training program will empower and educate teachers, administrators, counselors, librarians, cafeteria workers, and more on topics like situational awareness, suicide, bullying, substance abuse, and emergency training drills. This is a critical investment in our kids’ safety and security.”

At a March 30 meeting, the PCCD’s School Safety and Security Committee dedicated $4.8 million in state funding to support the development and launch of the new School Safety and Security Training program for school employees and School Safety and Security Coordinators, pursuant to Act 55 of 2022.

The school employee training will include an hour-long focus training on emergency training drills, including fire, natural disaster, active shooter, hostage situations, and bomb threats, as well as the identification or recognition of student behavior that may indicate a threat.

The school safety coordinator training will include these topics as well as more in-depth training on emergency preparedness, physical security assessments and securing facilities, and coordination and communication with law enforcement and emergency personnel.

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