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The Future of Facilities Management: A Q&A with Julie Johnson, CEO of Armored Things

Armored Things, an emerging leader in operational intelligence solutions, recently named Julie Johnson as Chief Executive Officer. We asked Julie a few questions about how artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting the physical security and facilities management spaces—read on to see what she had to say.

What role do you see AI playing in the future of physical security and facilities management?

Generally, I believe that AI will play an important role in helping physical security and facilities management make better decisions, faster. AI alone, however, is not sufficient to transform the future of physical security and facilities management. AI is just one of many technologies that when combined, enable organizations to make better use of their data to the benefit of all stakeholders involved. For example, by combining computer vision with AI, managers can get real-time and predictive occupancy counts to identify potential break-ins or overcrowding.

What privacy concerns should facility and security executives be aware of when using an AI-based operations solution, and how are providers addressing these concerns?

At Armored Things, data privacy is incredibly important. Our team consists of leaders from the cybersecurity industry who have brought their expertise and passion for data security to our team and product. Under their guidance, our team was able to think creatively about how we can deliver our customer’s value without violating an individual’s privacy. For facility and security executives, I recommend working with companies that align closely with your values. The laws and rules around privacy are constantly evolving, and it’s important to work with vendors that will continue to prioritize data and privacy compliance.

As more facilities turn to Internet of Things (IoT) solutions for everything from security to climate control, do you have any recommendations for balancing the needs of facilities managers with the concerns of the physical security and cybersecurity leaders in their organization?

Facility managers have a lot to offer other stakeholders in their organization. By harvesting the data collected from IoT devices specific to their profession, they can deliver insights that benefit the entire organization. For any manager trying to establish their department, I recommend trying to measure your impact on the organization. By collecting this data, you can help your organization make better data-driven decisions about strategies or activities related to your department.

Does a platform like Armored Things help facilitate more productive collaboration between facility and security managers by giving them a common understanding of their shared space? How so?

With a deeper understanding of their space, Armored Things’ platform helps facility and security managers make better decisions that improve an organization’s efficiency, risk management, and profits. Instead of having to rely on their gut instincts, our platform delivers managers the tools to make proactive decisions for real-time collaboration.

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