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Oakland Airport Completes $11M Security Exit Project

Oakland International Airport (OAK) has completed its Terminal 2 (T2) Security Exit Project. The exit upgrade will increase security at the airport and features new art that will welcome passengers to Oakland, Calif. Project costs totaled approximately $11 million with a six-month construction period.

“I’d like to thank our passengers for their patience over the past few months as our OAK team and contractors have been hard at work on the Terminal 2 Security Exit Project,” says Craig Simon, Interim Director of Aviation at the Port of Oakland. “We are proud to unveil this finished product that will provide additional, non-intrusive security measures while incorporating attractive design elements that welcome arriving passengers to our vibrant community.”

The new exit system is designed to prevent passenger backflow from non-secure areas, which enhances airport security and provides a cost-saving benefit. From this point forward, passengers exiting OAK’s T2 will pass through motion sensors and two sets of automatic doors in order to enter the public baggage claim area. This new secure exit now reflects modern industry standards while also adding new engaging art for passengers to enjoy.

Construction on the exit system began in January 2023. To complete the expansive floor-to-ceiling work, passengers were rerouted to a temporary exit ramp that was installed alongside the entryway to the T2 concourse. The exit area was then blocked with construction walls while work was completed. The prime builder for the project was Turner Construction Co. There were 20 total contractors involved in the development and execution of the project, all of which was union labor.

The new exit structure spans from floor to ceiling to prevent security breaches, and OAK’s design team chose to utilize the expansive vertical space as an opportunity to include a two-sided perforated aluminum art piece.

On the secure side of the exit, arriving passengers will see a large-scale “Welcome to Oakland” sign presented in front of imagery of the Oakland city skyline at sunset. From the opposite (public) side of the exit facing the baggage belts is an abstract piece that spells out “Oakland.” The perforated aluminum design allows ample airflow for the comfort of passengers. The design lead on the art piece was Circa Now. 

OAK also just released a Draft Environmental Impact Report for its Terminal Modernization and Development Project. More information on this can be found here.

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