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How to Easily Keep Track of Your Office Equipment and Inventory

Equipment and inventory are key assets for any business, and they need to be managed at all times. The terms are often used interchangeably—but, they have distinct meanings. In a nutshell, equipment refers to those fixed assets used in the office, such as computers and chairs, while inventory encompasses those assets meant for resale. That […]

How Can Facilities Managers Respond to the Labor Shortage?

The Great Resignation and the high number of workers retiring over the last several years have led to labor shortages at many workplaces across the country. While some of those positions will be filled, it’s likely those replacements won’t have the same depth of knowledge as their predecessors. To help solve this problem, facilities managers […]

Tech Essentials for Advanced Facilities Management

The success of any business relies on maintaining good facilities and equipment. Many businesses have acknowledged the evolution of facilities management in recent years, as capabilities have drastically improved with recent technology trends. From monitoring the status of heavy equipment on a mobile app to gaining building access control using wearable technology, the future of […]