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EPA Reveals Top Cities for ENERGY STAR-Certified Buildings

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed its annual “Top Cities” list, spotlighting the cities with the greatest number of ENERGY STAR-certified commercial and multifamily buildings in 2023. Los Angeles leads the pack, with 876 ENERGY STAR-certified buildings. In second place is Washington, D.C., with 631 buildings, followed by New York in third place (390 […]

Unlocking Efficiency: Navigating the Future with Facility Automation

The shift towards hybrid work has revolutionized workplace dynamics, prompting operational leaders to adapt swiftly. With this evolution, employees have presented diverse demands, compelling leaders to leverage workplace technology for precise metrics. This technological utilization is not solely for convenience; it has become integral for managing facilities and strategizing space allocation effectively. Interpreting these metrics […]

The Future of Open Floor Plans: Achieving Flexibility Without Employee Backlash

Cubicles and closed-off spaces in workplaces are outdated. Today, many businesses prefer open floor plans over private work zones. While open spaces are great for collaboration, they also have some drawbacks. How can you enhance the flexibility of open floor plans, boost employee well-being, and mitigate the drawbacks? Here are some ideas to consider. The […]

Net-Zero Commercial Building Market Poised for Dramatic Growth: Report

The market for net-zero commercial buildings is expected to grow dramatically over the next decade, largely due to the implementation of net-zero building codes by national and state governments across Europe and North America. According to a new report from Guidehouse Insights, the number of net-zero commercial buildings around the world is estimated to be nearly 500 in […]

Plumbing Code Violations to Avoid in Your Facility

If you own a hospital, factory, or another large-scale commercial or industrial entity, you likely have a lot on your plate. In addition to making sure that all operations are running smoothly, you also need to worry about the construction and maintenance of your building. While construction and maintenance might not seem like a huge […]

Facilities Management Trends Shaping the Market

Globally, commercial buildings are experiencing a number of dynamic challenges. Following the impact of the COVID pandemic, tenant needs and behaviors have drastically changed. The cost of property has grown as interest rates continue to escalate in an ongoing effort to curb inflation. At the same time, the energy crisis has raised operating costs and […]

Navigating the Path to Commercial EV Charging Stations

Companies across various sectors, from retail locations to commercial businesses, are recognizing the shifting consumer attitudes toward electric vehicles (EVs). This growing awareness and changing sentiment are driving substantial investments in EV charging solutions, and there’s no sign this will let up, as EV sales are expected to leap 35% in 2023. As a result, […]

Under Construction: Top Facility Projects of October 2023

Facilities Management Advisor’s “Under Construction” series highlights some of the latest, most interesting facility project announcements every month. Modern Facility for Historic Cemetery October is a spooky season all about Halloween, so of course this month’s list had to include at least one project to commemorate the holiday. Although the historic Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta’s oldest […]

Overcoming the Open Office Conundrum with Privacy Solutions

While the open office was nearly killed by work-from-home policies during the COVID pandemic, the return-to-work movement is ushering in a rebound—making it clear that the open office isn’t dead, at least not yet. Despite decades of research finding that open office plans may be bad for companies, bad for workers, bad for health, and […]

Report Ranks Top 10 Intelligent Building Software Vendors

A new report from consultancy Guidehouse Insights assesses the competitive landscape in the intelligent building software market and ranks the top 10 vendors. Intelligent building solutions are a steadily growing market segment as commercial building owners and managers adopt new technologies for reducing energy use and carbon emissions, increasing building efficiency, and satisfying tenant demands for comfort, […]