Product News

New Open-Style Upper-Room UV C Luminary Designed for Tall Ceilings

Santa Clarita, CA — The GLO UV‑C disinfection upper-room fixture series from UV Resources now includes two new open-style luminaries designed to irradiate and inactivate airborne pathogens in occupied spaces with high ceilings (12-feet and taller). The GLO “open” fixtures for tall spaces direct UV energy upward and outward to create an intense zone of ultraviolet […]

Nanotouch Releases Clean Workstation Kit

FOREST, Va. – Nanotouch Materials, the leading provider of green, self-cleaning surfaces, today announces the release of Clean Workstation Kits to help create a more hygienic work environment as employees continue to return to the workplace. The kits include a variety of products that employ Nanotouch’s self-cleaning surfaces that work 24/7 to oxidize all organic […]

Zurn Launches New 500XL3 Pressure Reducing Valve

MILWAUKEE, WI – Zurn Industries, LLC announces the release of the new Zurn Wilkins 500XL3 Pressure Reducing Valve. The new Zurn Wilkins 500XL3 Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) has a patented integral venturi enabling the valve to have best-in-class flow performance. It also has the shortest lay length and is the most compact PRV on the market […]

Garland’s Cool-Sil Fluid-Applied Membrane System Restores Roof Performance

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Garland’s newest fluid-applied membrane system Cool-Sil extends the life of aging single-ply, modified bitumen and metal roofs. This liquid rubber membrane significantly enhances watertight performance and eliminates the need for a full replacement, saving facility managers and building owners time and money while also reducing environmental impact. Cool-Sil provides ponding water resistance, […]

Greenheck’s QEI Mixed Flow Fan Offers News Construction Options for Corrosive or Flammable Environments

SCHOFIELD, Wisconsin – Greenheck’s QEI mixed flow fans are now available with aluminum and spark resistance Type A material construction options. The expanded construction material offering combined with the QEI’s high efficiency mixed flow wheel makes it a great solution for challenging exhaust air applications. The aluminum material option including an aluminum mixed flow impeller wheel, […]

Bitec Expands Its Line of White, Reflective Coatings

MORRILTON, Ark. – Bitec, Inc. recently expanded its line of white, reflective restoration coatings in response to industry demand and continued growth in that sector. Bitec now offers four distinct premium Imper-Sol™ coating lines, adding rubber and silicone products to its existing elastomeric coatings. “Bitec has been in elastomeric coatings for many years now, but […]

UL’s Healthy Building Services Now Available to Public Sector Facilities Through U.S. General Services Administration

UL, a global safety science provider, today announced that its services addressing healthier and more sustainable indoor spaces are now available through the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), an independent agency of the U.S. federal government that manages, supports and supplies products and services to government agencies. UL’s Healthy Building services can be ordered directly […]

American Red Cross Reimagines First Aid/CPR/AED Programs

The American Red Cross has released the next generation of its market-leading First Aid/CPR/AED program. This innovative program combines advanced educational techniques with the latest science to meet regulatory and workplace requirements and make the experience more engaging for course participants. “Our new program revolutionizes the learning experience with game-changing educational techniques and personalized, tailored […]

Armstrong Fluid Technology Launches Single Phase Pumps for Light-Duty Installations

Armstrong Fluid Technology has announced a new version of its Design Envelope pump to serve light duty installations where the available power is single phase. “Many light-commercial and residential buildings use single phase power and some mechanical rooms ‘step down’ three phase power to make single phase power available,” said David Lee, Program Manager, Product […]

Greenheck Introduces AMPLIFY Overhead Fans With Northern Light Technology

Greenheck, the leader in air movement and provider of the most comprehensive selection of products for commercial HVAC systems, announced the incorporation of patented Northern Light® UV-C technology into its line of AMPLIFY™ overhead HVLS fans today. “We’re excited to add this technology to our AMPLIFY overhead fans,” said Tim Busby, Greenheck general manager—fans. “This […]