Carrier Launches Abound Predictive Insights, Expands AquaEdge 19DV Chiller Line

Carrier—a part of Carrier Global Corporation, the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions—recently made two major product announcements.

Abound Predictive Insights to Reduce Downtime and Extend Life of Building Equipment

Carrier announced the release of Abound™ Predictive Insights, a part of the Abound suite of solutions that helps reduce the total cost of asset ownership by enabling smarter, more predictive maintenance to optimize equipment health and performance. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, implementing a functional predictive maintenance program can reduce equipment breakdowns by 70% to 75%, reduce maintenance costs by 25% to 30% and reduce downtime by 35% to 45%.

Abound Predictive Insights connects to HVAC and building automation assets through any BACnet-enabled building automation system (BAS), including Carrier’s i-Vu®  and Automated Logic’s WebCTRL® systems. HVAC assets of all types are supported, from chillers to rooftop units, and air handlers to variable air volume boxes, unit heaters, heat pumps, fan coil units and air conditioners. Supported building assets include refrigerated cases and walk-in freezers. Supported building automation assets include BAS servers, controllers and routers.

The BAS sends data from connected assets to Carrier’s award-winning CORTIX™ artificial intelligence (AI) platform for analysis, providing local Carrier and Automated Logic controls experts with predictive, actionable insights into the health of the assets via a mobile app. The app provides a detailed list of findings, including impending failures and maintenance issues, along with possible causes, impacts and suggested corrective actions.

The information is also available as a report for local experts to advise building owners and facility professionals on the findings and recommendations. Local experts may recommend remote diagnostics and resolutions to correct the issues, while certain situations require a technician be dispatched to tune, repair or replace components.

“Data is the driver behind Abound Predictive Insights, and we are putting that data to work for building owners and operators to help them meet their sustainability, energy-efficiency and operating goals,” said Yasir Qureshi, General Manager of Digital Products and Abound, Carrier. “Abound Predictive Insights gives service and facility professionals unprecedented insight into the health of HVAC equipment and building automation assets, and provides them with early predictions and precise recommendations to keep assets running at peak performance, now and in the future.”

Abound Predictive Insights is designed to get smarter with time. As insights are reported, Carrier experts validate the accuracies of the causes, impacts and recommendations to provide feedback to the CORTIX AI platform, improving future analytics.

Abound Predictive Insights is backed by Carrier BluEdge™ Command Centers around the world. Carrier engineers, analysts and specialists are standing by to help  local experts interpret equipment data, and to assist with the implementation of proactive maintenance and optimization strategies. These strategies can be deployed remotely by the BluEdge Command Center.

“No two buildings, systems or applications are the same,” said Qureshi. “That is why Abound Predictive Insights includes a consultative and comprehensive, tiered service model with local experts and our own BluEdge specialists. Both serve as trusted advisors, using the intelligence to improve asset performance and achieve desired building outcomes.”

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AquaEdge 19DV Chiller Line Expands to 1150 Tons

Carrier also announced that it has expanded its award-winning AquaEdge® 19DV water-cooled centrifugal chiller capacity range in North America. With capacity now up to 1150 tons, the AquaEdge 19DV can accommodate customer requirements of higher capacity applications such as commercial high rise and mixed use buildings, large manufacturing factories and healthcare facilities. The AquaEdge 19DV is the ultimate innovation in chiller technology and utilizes a refrigerant with an ultra-low global warming potential of ~1.

“The AquaEdge 19DV is built on the legacy of Willis Carrier’s breakthrough invention of the centrifugal chiller, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year,” said Tom Franaszek, Director, Global Product Management, Water-cooled Chillers, Carrier Commercial HVAC. “The 19DV’s unique EquiDriveTM two-stage back-toback compressor design improves efficiency and operating range, continuing Carrier’s technological leadership in centrifugal chiller design.”

The AquaEdge 19DV was designed to minimize environmental impact while also providing industry leading efficiency. It also provides free cooling, a strategy for leveraging natural air temperatures, which can result in thousands of dollars in energy savings per year while reducing maintenance costs and mechanical room space. The efficient design supports Carrier’s 2030 ESG goal to reduce its customers’ carbon footprint by more than 1 gigaton.

Additional features include a variable frequency drive (VFD) that protects the chiller against abnormalities in the power quality being delivered to a system. In addition, every 19DV is supported by Carrier’s BluEdge™ service platform, providing actionable analytics and real-time dashboards. Carrier Service automatically trends, predicts and analyzes performance, allowing for a strategic approach to preventive maintenance and providing an intuitive way to monitor plant energy consumption.

The innovative AquaEdge 19DV first launched in Asia in 2016 and was subsequently introduced to other regions, earning a reputation for reliability and efficiency. The chiller has amassed an impressive list of more than five international accolades including earning gold in the U.S.-based Consulting-Specifying Engineer Product of the Year Awards, Boilers & Chillers category.

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