Carrier Adds Innovative EcoBlue Technology to Entire WeatherMaker Rooftop Line

CHARLOTTE, N.C.— Carrier announced that its entire new WeatherMaker® line of rooftop units now feature the company’s innovative EcoBlue™ Technology. Previously available only on select units, EcoBlue Technology is designed to improve performance and efficiency while decreasing maintenance and installation costs. Carrier is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent building and cold chain solutions.

EcoBlue Technology features an exclusive patented, beltless direct-drive vane axial fan system – an industry first for rooftop units – that’s up to 40% more energy efficient than conventional forward curve belt-driven fan systems.*  With 75% fewer moving parts – there are no fan belts, pulleys, shafts or shaft bearings – and a specially designed high-density fan blade, the advanced design can significantly reduce operating, installation and maintenance costs.

The addition of EcoBlue Technology also contributes to meeting the 2023 Department of Energy (DOE) minimum efficiency requirements for HVAC equipment to continue efforts to reduce energy consumption in the United States. Energy efficient solutions like the WeatherMaker rooftop units support Carrier’s 2030 Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) goal to reduce its customers’ carbon footprint by more than one gigaton.

“Today’s building owners and HVAC contractors face pressure from every direction, from regulatory requirements and time constraints to meeting ever more demanding cost and performance metrics,” said Mark Rabbia, Director, Commercial HVAC Product Marketing, Carrier. “They need to find ways to minimize consumption of non-renewable energy, control the costs of installing, operating, and maintaining HVAC equipment, and ensure reliable, high-performance indoor climate control to maximize the comfort and productivity of building occupants. Carrier EcoBlue Technology helps with every aspect of that.”

The new WeatherMaker units with EcoBlue Technology are lighter than past models while keeping the same footprint and cabinet size for the perfect replacement fit. The new units with 7.5 to 12.5-ton models will have Integrated Energy Efficiency Ratios (IEERs) up to 15.2ing2023. Along with perfect fit capabilities to eliminate the need for expensive adapter curbs or total roof curb replacements, the units will have optional MERV-13 four-inch filters, air management economizers for fresh air and free cooling, and SystemVu™ controls that provide smart diagnostics and real-time information to monitor and help optimize system performance.

Equally suitable for both new construction and replacement installations, WeatherMaker units with EcoBlue Technology are ideal for rooftop applications requiring high levels of comfort, productivity, performance, efficiency and reliability.

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*As compared to our traditional belt-drive fans.