Infographic: Proper Eye Wash Station Use

If you operate a facility where workers or tenants could come into contact with dangerous chemicals, hopefully you have eye wash stations installed throughout the building. Equally important is making sure that everyone in the facility knows how to act in case of emergency. When an chemical splashes into your eyes, you need to act […]

Infographic: Which Fire Extinguisher Compliance Option Does Your Facility Use?

Workplace fires and explosions have the potential to kill hundreds and injure thousands of workers each year. One way to limit the amount of damage from such fires is to make portable fire extinguishers an important part of your fire prevention program. OSHA says employers must choose one of four options regarding workplace fire extinguishers, […]

Infographic: Does Your Facility Have a Music Policy?

Technology has opened the doors to many trends, but none might be more ubiquitous than walking down a street or through a facility and seeing everyone with earbuds in or headphones on. There is evidence showing that, for some, listening to music while they work increases overall productivity. However, many workplaces have an explicit (or […]

Infographic: Handling Suspicious Packages at Your Facility

On average, the United States Postal Service processes and delivers over 493 million pieces of mail (letters and packages) per day. That does not include the additional millions of packages per day handled by other shipping companies such as United Parcel Service or Fed-Ex. On an average day, all of this goes off without a […]

Infographic: Facing the Threat of Workplace Violence at Your Facility

Though many recent incidents of workplace violence have occurred in the public eye, there are still far too many that we do not hear about, and your facility should be prepared. This infographic, created by the Safety Management Program at Eastern Kentucky University provides a solid overview of recent statistics, potential warning signs, and outlines […]

Infographic: Do You Speak Facilities Management?

Every industry has its own unique set of acronyms and abbreviations, and facilities management is no exception. Having a handy list of industry jargon around is helpful for those trying to break into the industry, or for facility managers getting ready to head off for a conference. This infographic from AssetWorks has you covered with […]

Infographic: Is Your Facility Norovirus Ready?

It’s that time of year again, when norovirus starts to rapidly spread through facilities across the country. According to recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, somewhere in the ballpark of 1 in 15 Americans will experience a norovirus infection this year, meaning there’s a good chance your facility could be affected. […]

Infographic: Is Your Facility Hip to Workplace Trends?

Though we’re just now starting the first full week of 2019, the year is starting with a bang. The most recent government jobs report highlights the ongoing addition of jobs to the economy, which continues to create an incredibly tight competition for the best talent. This infographic explores some of the recent trends facility managers […]

Infographic: Tips for Maximizing a Small Maintenance Budget

Every business has a limited amount of money to spread around, and too often, maintenance costs for the vital equipment at your facility take a back seat. However, as any good facility manager knows, spending a little on regular maintenance goes a long way to long term cost savings. This infographic presents a few ways […]

Infographic: Retail Facilities Management Association Predicts Major Trends for 2019

The new year has arrived, so let the predicting begin! In this infographic, the Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association (PRSM) presents their predictions based on their 2019 Trends Report about what retail facilities managers can expect for the coming year. Some follow already in-process trends, such as an increase in mixed-use spaces, while others, like […]