Infographic: Are There Piggybackers or Tailgaters at Your Facility?

We’ve been told since we were kids that it’s polite to hold the door for folks coming into a building or room behind you. While this cultural maxim works fine at, say, the coffee shop, though it could actually pose a security risk at your business or facility. Too often, unsuspecting employees use their credentials to gain access to a secured facility, only to hold the door open for someone they don’t know who may or may not have the credentials to gain access. While usually harmless, criminals are more than willing to take advantage of human kindness to enter a facility in order to steal data, access a network, or commit a violent crime. The infographic below walks through some of the basics of tailgating and provides some basic tips to keep in mind when implementing access controls.

Tailgating Infographic

Infographic provided by Paramount Computer Systems.