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That’s a Wrap on FM Compliance Week

As FM Compliance Week comes to a close, we want to take a look back at all the offerings and events that transpired throughout this exciting event!

FM Compliance Week


Back to Basics | The ADA’s Impact on Facility Compliance 

Our Back to Basics series highlights the building blocks of facilities management and essential information that any FM professional should know. This feature article will help your organization get a firm understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations and how to incorporate ADA compliance into your organization.

Access the article here.

Panel Discussion | COVID-19’s Impact on Facilities: How Facility Professionals Are Keeping Up with the Challenging Times

It’s no secret COVID-19 has caused mass disruption for facility professionals. From social distancing, sanitizing stations, UV-lights, plexiglass dividers, staggered shift schedules, and everything in between, facilities managers have had to adjust their practices to accommodate new OSHA regulations and CDC guidelines. What have we learned from the experience? And what changes in compliance rules and regulations are in the works, as a result of the pandemic? In this informative panel discussion, industry experts will discuss COVID-19’s impact on facility management, and share their experience on how it has impacted their facilities, teams, and facility inhabitants.

To access the on-demand discussion, click here.


Feature Article | The SCOTUS Vax Mandate Rulings Explained

The Supreme Court’s recent rulings on vaccine mandates for large employers and healthcare workers are sure to impact facility operations. In this article, a legal expert provides an in-depth look into the justices’ decisions and offers some predictions.

Read the article here.

Webinar | How to Optimize and Automate FM Compliance for Today’s Modern Workplace and Campus

Today’s modern workplace and college campus has accelerated the demand for efficient, post-pandemic facilities management. Join us as we cover trends and strategies to future-proof your workplace and campus to proactively adapt to change, accelerate growth, and maintain compliance.

To access the on-demand discussion, click here.


Featured Compliance Resource | Exit Routes and Evacuations Checklist

Do your facility inhabitants know who to contact in case of an emergency? Do they understand the processes and procedures in place, should an emergency occur at your location? Download this Exit Routes and Evacuations Checklist to keep your facility running smoothly in times of crisis.

Download your free copy here.

Educational Session | Improving Compliance & Risk Management 

Compliance and risk management are crucial behind-the-scenes programs. It’s these tasks that keep facilities running smoothly and, above all, keep patients and staff safe. Accurate, accessible, and organized records are integral to the successful implementation of these programs. Many organizations are struggling; stuck in the past with outdated paper record systems. As a result, when inspection time comes, those teams scramble to locate and present their information. Learn how to turn all of that paper and knowledge into actionable data.  

To access the on-demand discussion, click here.


Faces of Facilities | Dave Irvin, Associate Vice President for Facilities at Florida State University

“Faces of Facilities” profiles your peers and asks them about their experiences, successes, challenges, current practices, aspirations, and opinions on topics impacting facilities and facility management. In this insightful interview, our editorial team connects with an expert peer to learn more about the face behind the role and how he or she helps his or her organization overcome today’s top challenges.

Read the article here.

Educational Session | Protecting the Workforce with Advanced Screening Solutions

As organizations return to pre-pandemic levels of on-site staff in their workplaces, there is a renewed focus on security and safety for employees, contractors, and other contingent workers.  

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed many organizations’ internal workings. The pandemic has become the most widely cited reason for using flexible work and staffing arrangements, including alternative ways to structure workplaces with hybrid scenarios of physical presence and remote working, which result in protecting a new and different kind of workforce.

To access the on-demand discussion, click here.


Fireside Chat | Prep, Plan, Protect: An E911 Compliance Roadmap

Long-term remote work plans are no longer news. In order to make decisions about the future of your work landscape, it is imperative to understand responsibilities of your organization to keep remote workers safe while complying with federal E911 legislation.

To access the on-demand discussion, click here.

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Events!

If you enjoyed this week’s event, mark your calendars for Facilities Management Healthy Buildings Week 2022, from March 21-25. Join us for a full week of online events and digital resources about healthy buildings—all absolutely free! Plot your healthy building strategy for 2022 and beyond by registering here.