Multiple Facilities in Multiple Locations? You Could Benefit from Cloud Video Surveillance

As the technology advances, more facilities are exploring cloud video surveillance to bolster their security platform. The video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) market is expanding, and systems are being used successfully in commercial markets with multisite requirements.

Cloud computing with a security camera.

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Jersey Mike’s has been using a VSaaS solution very successfully for over 2 years at all five South Carolina locations owned and managed by Turner Hill. Previously, Hill was using an older CCTV system that, according to him, was not working for his business since he was not able to see the video footage clearly and servers were failing. Hill decides to take surveillance to the next level with video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) from Camcloud.

The Jersey Mike’s locations have up to 15 employees, with half the staff usually comprised of part-time students. Hill is able to access Camcloud’s Multiview on-demand solution to simultaneously monitor multiple stores. With one interface, he can visually check on everything from staff efficiency at the sandwich station, to proper use of the slicer, to customer flow, to whether employees are following health guidelines. Managers are able to analyze and compare traffic at one store versus another, provide tips on how to keep customers happy, allocate staff where best suited, and even identify the most productive workers.

“When you own multiple locations and travel as much as Turner does, a traditional in-house CCTV system is too outdated and disconnected from modern ways of doing business,” said Andre Fontana, VP Sales, Camcloud.

According to Hill, Camcloud’s VSaaS solution has successfully foiled attempted robberies and stopped theft in action. The service has helped improve overall customer service and protects all the locations 24/7/365 with always-on, real-time access from virtually anywhere.

“With 5 locations and more than 25 cameras keeping an eye on my businesses, Camcloud’s solution is a perfect fit,” said Hill, “and I’m able to use the cameras I want, including Axis and Hanwha Techwin.”

Camcloud provides different cloud video surveillance plans for small businesses with multiple sites based on the number of cameras and storage from 7 to 30 days. Camcloud’s multi-user feature allows for unlimited users on an account while restricting account access and what cameras can be viewed with limited account privileges.

When Andy Briggs, managing partner and franchisee of five Marriott hotel properties needed to enhance hotel security to ensure a secure environment for guests and staff, he trusted Camcloud for a high quality and cost-effective cloud video surveillance solution. Previously, he had been using a local DVR solution, which did not provide multi-site remote access.

Briggs uses 32 Hanwha Techwin cameras to keep a watchful eye over all of the hotel entrances and lobbies integrated with Camcloud for a complete video surveillance management and monitoring solution. Camcloud’s cloud video solution enables Briggs to assign a general manager at each property to view the cameras for their property–while still allowing him to see all cameras at all the locations.

“The safety of guests and staff is always on the top of the list of our priorities and so we are constantly reviewing the effectiveness of the video surveillance systems in operation at each of our hotels,” said Briggs. “Camcloud’s cloud video recording technologies combined with the latest Hanwha cameras, provides us with peace of mind and confidence, knowing that our guests and properties are in good hands.”