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Accommodating Food Trucks and Other Mobile Vendors at Your Facility

A large part of attracting new talent or tenants to your facility or property is providing the amenities they want. Talk of the top amenities conjures visions of open floor plans, human-centric lighting, or even a break room stocked with board games, table tennis, and dart boards. But amenities don’t always have to fit inside your building to make people happy and more productive.

Cashier in food truck


Food trucks and other mobile vendors—including chiropractors, masseurs, and pop-up retail trucks—fit this bill and offer up more than a change of pace for those tired of the same old routine. But, like working with other vendors, the trouble lies in organization: managing requests for space from vendors, coordinating phone calls, and generating a detailed schedule outlining who will be at your facility, and when they will be there.

If you were thinking about bringing a food truck or other mobile vendor to your facility, provides some tips for streamlining the procurement process and helping you and your employees and/or tenants get the most out of the experience.

1. Look to Software Solutions
The first step would be to leverage technology to ease the burden of booking and scheduling vendors. There are a large number of work order and scheduling platforms that can make your life easier by giving you the ability to create an events calendar, send invites to mobile vendors, and provide a place for mobile vendors to apply for space at your property.

These systems open the door for you to maximize the number and variety of vendors who come to your facility. Keep in mind, however, that you need to make sure that there are enough people at your facility to take advantage of their services, or they may not want to come back.

2. Set Clear Requirements
Be clear with potential vendors about the requirements they will have to meet before arriving at your facility. Do they have proof of insurance? Have they passed inspections? Do they have a valid business license? These are all important considerations when bringing vendors onto your property. There are some scheduling and work order platforms that can help here, by allowing you to set the requirements in the application process. Otherwise, you’ll need to perform due diligence either before or when they arrive.

3. Provide Access to Connections
If you have the ability, try to situate the vendors near any connections they may need, particularly electrical. By allowing them to plug in, they can turn off their generators which makes a for a quieter, more enjoyable experience for your tenants.

4. Spread the Word
With all time and effort required for both you and your mobile vendors, it would be a shame if no one showed up. So be sure to get the word out to tenants and employees to make the most of the amenity. If you generate enough interest for the mobile vendors that come to your buildings, they may even offer discounts on any future needs you may have.