Live Events

With so many professional conferences on the market, it can be difficult to weed through the promotional pitches to determine which ones will really address your business needs. Our reputable Facilities events cut out the theatrics and canned keynotes, delivering only high-quality and practical content that you can actually put into practice back in your facility. Each program is crafted by our expert editorial staff and you–planning teams composed of real users. This ensures that the curricula are laser-focused on the most relevant issues, compliance challenges and regulatory updates that impact your company.

Facilities Management Summit 

This event is specifically catered to the needs of Directors, Managers, and Heads of Facilities Management. The unique one-on-one format of this event allows you to connect with solution providers specific to your interests. Key topics of discussions include meeting security requirements, prepare for emergencies, how to save costs, and fostering a culture of security at your facility.